Intercultural Skills for Health Institutions:

Great venue for interdisciplinary intercultural workshop: bauhaus model in Dessau

Working in the health care system becomes an increasingly  multicultural experience. The following examples illustrate this claim: medical  cooperation within the NATO; “Doctors Without Borders”; medical professionals  who leave their country of origin to work in other regions, with patients (and  colleagues) from other countries and cultures.

This can cause misunderstandings, conflicts and, in the worst-case,  even errors of diagnosis or treatment mistakes. However, beyond unknown  behavioural patterns and clichés, which might cause dissent, cultures can be  compared objectively.

IKWW developed a system of intercultural interactions for people  involved in the health care system. It is based on 10 cultural dimensions – four  by the American cultural anthropologist Edward Hall and six by the Dutch social  scientist Geert Hofstede and has been measured for 91 countries. It works in all  “combinations” regardless of the cultural roots of patients, medical  professionals, doctors, medicine managers….and between doctors from different  cultures too.

The IKWW-workshop for intercultural competence is  certified by the Ärtzekammer Berlin (8 points for half a day – seems to be a  record!) and takes place in Berlin in German language. The same workshop in  English and personal coaching can be tailored to your needs and help you master  the intercultural challenges you face. Please contact us for a non-binding  consultation via email: irina<at>



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