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More than a halve of international projects does not start ever or stops because of cultural dissonance between people involved. Intercultural Management do help to overcome such barriers and above this bring additional use – through synergy of different mode of thinking and handling.

Learning “classical” intercultural interaction also helps to cooperate with colleagues from other “vocational” cultures or functional subcultures as well as with customers and partners from other vocational and organizational cultures.

To Whom?

We are convinced that the intercultural competence is needed not only by personal which work directly with customers, partners and colleagues from other countries and cultures but also for coworkers who support all the process in the company or organization, at least the middle office (legal department, taxies, HR, QM) up to back office (billing, labs). There is no process without people, all the process has to work with awareness of intercultural aspects.


There are two principal ways to increase the intercultural competence: in general way or specifically for the country or region of actual interest, whereat the combination of such brings mostly reliable output. Every next cultural – pair is easer to learn.

We are convinced that the process of learning has to include the theoretical aspects of intercultural communication, such as cultural dimension by Hofstede, time-theory by Hall etc. This will help to understand intercultural experience in the past and furthermore provide with “compass” for the unpredictable situations in the future.

The methods can vary from interactive lecture via classical workshop to design thinking learning project.


We recommend a kick-off meeting with keywords lecture of the experts of intercultural management, maybe combined with the movie figuring out the issue in humorfull way. In case of focusing on one geographical market it could be typical meal of the country combined with information of the tradition of preparing and eating that.

Next step would be specific seminars and workshops for the different functions of the company or organization, e.g. project management, sales, marketing, HR etc.

The final workshop brings different departments together to discuss there findings and decisions will help to implement the new knowledge into the projects and every day working and company success.

Further work could be supported by coaching, especially for management and front stuff, as well as monitoring of realization of ideas of the common meeting. There are some positive experiences also with competition of improvement ideas in this area with the prizes – the trips to the country of “special interest” or the meal in the restaurant with such cuisine.

And we are of course with you in case of intercultural emergency – anytime!

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About IKWW

IKWW means in German: Intercultural Competence für Industry and Science 

CEO of IKWW, Irina Slot, works together with her former students.

About Irina:

Born in Russia, emigrated to South Africa, now lives in Berlin

Studied Thermodynamics (in Moscow), Business Administration (in Hannover) and Intercultural Management (in Maastricht)


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Prof. Geert Hofstede & Dr. Gert Jan Hofstede

We are happy and a bit proud to support intercultural research of Prof. Geert Hofstede by translation the VSM 13 into Russian:

www.geerthofstede.com >> research and VSM >> VSM2013


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